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Action Over Anxiety and Stress


Take Action To Beat Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can often seem like constant companions. However, the opportunity for significant personal and professional growth is ACTION. In this episode of The Slow Pitch, we dive into the heart of stress and anxiety as a small business owner, offering listeners one simple strategy to transform these stress and anxiety into action.

Rob, a seasoned small business owner and sales expert, opens the discussion by highlighting a reality that many professionals face and it’s not just a personal issue; it affects every aspect of business operations, from decision-making to client relationships. Drawing from personal experiences, Rob shares a couple of stories that bring to light situations inherent in sales and small business management. He reveals how unexpected challenges, such as critical team changes, can escalate stress levels, potentially derailing business momentum and affecting overall performance.

However, the core message of this episode is not about the inevitability of anxiety but about mastering the art of shifting gears to manage it effectively. Rob emphasizes the importance of perspective, suggesting that these situations, while daunting, also offer unique opportunities for introspection and recalibration. He advocates for a proactive approach, encouraging listeners to embrace change and uncertainty as avenues for growth rather than obstacles to success.

Action Over Anxiety

Central to the episode is the concept of action over anxiety. Rob argues that taking decisive steps, however small, can significantly mitigate the paralyzing effects of stress and anxiety. He provides listeners with actionable advice, highlighting the need for sales professionals to focus on activities that directly contribute to business resilience and growth. Whether it’s refining sales strategies, engaging with clients, or exploring new markets, the emphasis is on moving forward, one step at a time.

Rob’s insights extend beyond the professional realm, touching on the universal nature of stress and anxiety. He reminds listeners that these feelings are not unique to the sales industry; they are part of the human experience. Through relatable anecdotes, Rob illustrates how the principles of action over anxiety apply to various life situations, from career transitions to personal milestones. He champions the idea that action, in any form, is the antidote to stress and anxiety, propelling individuals towards their goals and diminishing the weight of worry.

Planning and Preparation

The episode also addresses the critical role of planning and preparation in combating stress. Rob highlights the importance of having a clear understanding of business needs and goals, which serves as a roadmap for navigating high-stress scenarios. By prioritizing and focusing on the most impactful activities, sales professionals can maintain their equilibrium and continue to drive success, even in the face of adversity.

Listeners are left with a powerful message: stress and anxiety, though challenging, are not insurmountable. With the right mindset and strategies, they can be transformed into valuable tools for personal and professional development. This episode of The Slow Pitch not only equips sales professionals with the knowledge to tackle stress head-on but also inspires them to view every challenge as an opportunity to excel.

Rob’s conversation on The Slow Pitch is a must-listen for anyone looking to master the art of turning stress and anxiety into action. By adopting the strategies discussed, sales professionals can enhance their decision-making, improve their performance, and achieve greater success in their careers and beyond.

In closing, “Action over Anxiety and Stress” is more than just an episode title; it’s a mantra for thriving in today’s dynamic sales landscape. Tune in to this transformative episode and embark on a journey to reclaim your peace of mind and propel your sales career to new heights.

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The Episode

Rob  00:07

Welcome back, everybody to The Slow Pitch. And today I want to talk about stress. Stress is one of those things that you sometimes don’t know you have going on, can directly impact your ability to sell. But it can also directly impact your business. If you’re a small business owner, and you have some stress command that you’re not planning on having happen, it could affect your ability to make decisions, it can affect a whole bunch of other stuff.


And so in this episode, today, I want to kind of talk a little bit about what happens when you have a stress situation and what you should really keep in mind or think about when a high stress situation comes into play. Because when that happens, you need to be able to shift gears a little bit and start to look at things a little bit differently. Let’s get started.


V/O  00:50

This is The Slow Pitch Podcast.

Rob  00:53

All right, so let me give you a story. Because this is gonna give you a little reference point for what I mean by a high stress situation. Obviously, I’m a small business owner, I work I have a small business of my own, my wife and I own it. And in our business, you know, there are things that happen that can make or break or change the way or a course of direction for our business. And some of that has to do with our employees.


So if somebody on my team, which happened recently came to me and said, Hey, I’m thinking it’s time for me to move on. And this person is a key critical person in my operation. She makes things happen. She does a lot of planning, she coordinates basically manages some of the clients and some of the projects that we work on, she gave us enough notice. And honestly, the reason she gave us enough notice is because when we first started working with her, there were opportunities for her to go to different places because she was working part time with us.


And all along the way. I’ve always said to her, I know you’re not going to stay here forever. I know that. All I ask is that if you’re going to leave, give us enough notice. So we just complain a little bit. You know, you know, two weeks is always not enough.


But you know, if you can give us a longer, that would be very helpful. And she always said, Yeah, I’ll do that. And she’s been very good about that. So she just gave us a little bit of a heads up, hey, I think in the next couple of months, I’m going to start moving on. And so she’s still handling all the day to day stuff.


But we’ve started to look right. So here’s the plem that caused a significant amount of stress, because there was a lot of stuff happening. And there were a lot of things coming up that she’s going to have to work through. And so the first fear is, well, what if she decides halfway through this couple months, she decides I’m done, I’m out, what happens if she decides that, you know, maybe I want to stay. And she’s already said that she doesn’t want to go.


So now what you know, there’s all kinds of different things that can come up. But more importantly, I’ve got to run the business. So I’ve got to start to find some people, all these things came up that stressful. When those high stress situations come up, what I tend to do is get frozen, I am the type of person because I’m a high C, what I will do is I will freeze and not know exactly where to go.


And I need to start to do some analysis. And I need to start to think about what I should do and all that good stuff. But the reality is that honestly, we’re going to survive, the business is going to survive, because I can’t help it not do what I need to do to make the business survive. So what I needed to do was think about what are the things the activities that I now need to do that are different than my sales activities. So sales activities are one thing, but like, okay, now I need to hire somebody, what do I need to do?


Well, you know, think about what is the job that we’re going to replace who or what type of person is going to be there and start to think about what I need to look for. So we did that quickly put that down on paper again, we already looked for somebody before. So we already had some of that stuff mapped out a little bit, right. But now you go out and you start posting things and you start doing the interviews. So what what started as a very stressful conversation where we were like, Oh, my goodness, what are we going to do?


This person is critical to our business. She’s been doing everything for us, in a sense, right? She’s doing her piece, which makes our lives in that business so much easier, and everybody else working there and her life easier. Because we all have our part. We all have what we do really well. We know our jobs really well. But without her now we’re going to be a significant problem, right? So there’s a lot of stress.

Rob  04:08

The purpose of this conversation today, or the purpose of this point today in this episode, is that in the long run, everything is going to be okay. You don’t need to be stressed over unknowns. Because in the end, everything always works out. Just think back in all the different things in decisions you’ve had to make. There’s so many decisions you make every day.


What if you made one of those wrong, so what go fix it, that’s all you got to do, right? So you have to sometimes just make a decision and start working on it. Those activities that are important to the business and those activities that you need to do are the things that are going to be critical to making sure that you’re successful. And that’s what you need to be doing. Don’t stress the stress is not helpful. Look at the activities that you need to do and start doing those activities.


The activities you do today will create the future that you want to do or want it to become. And this applies to almost anything in life. Think about any other situation where you have some high stress going on, you have to decide whether or not you want to change your job. You have to decide whether or not you’re gonna buy a house, you’re gonna have to decide whether or not you’re gonna hire that person, you’re gonna have to decide whether or not you want to buy a new car, all the things that you’re they’re stressful, they’re all stressful, I get it.


But what are the activities that you need to do take one step at a time start to do those things. And the overwhelming feeling that you had in the beginning of that, or that inability to take action starts to go away, the key is taking one step forward, and you’ll immediately feel like you’re taking action, and you’ll start to feel better, you’ll be making one step closer to progress. It’s really interesting.

V/O  05:42

Do you have a question about sales call or text your question at (608) 708-SLOW. That’s (608) 708-7569. Or you can email them to Now, back to the show.

Rob  06:02

Reminds me to another time where I had a friend of mine who was who had lost a job he was down. He was feeling depressed a little bit. And he was like, I don’t know what to do when he was so stressed out. I could tell and I asked him, when was the last time you just submitted some resumes to some businesses to companies to have you gone online?


Have you searched for like the top 10 companies in a category that you’re really good at? No, why don’t you do that? First, just go search that find the top 10 companies you want to work for that you have the skills to be able to do. And when he did that he came in, he was deaf that made me feel really good. I got excited. So I submitted like 10 resumes. Well, there you go. All of a sudden he took action.


Action makes stress go away. Keep that in mind. Anytime you’re stressed. If you’re stressed because sales aren’t coming in, guess what the action is go make some phone calls, go do some meetings, go have lunches with people that you know can refer your business. Go talk to your existing clients, ask them if they know anybody that they can refer you to ask him, ask your clients.


Do they have any other departments that you could work with? Whatever that might be? Go take action, it solves all your problems. Whatever the thing is, just remember, that action will solve your stress. action makes it so that your brain says okay, we’re doing something, I don’t need to worry anymore. Because we’re heading in the right direction. Even if you’re not heading in the right direction, you’re heading in a direction.


And a direction is better than no direction. If you found this to be helpful, hit that share button, share it with somebody who you know might have this problem. You can tell that they’re stressed, you can tell that they’re having a decision, it’s weighing on them, hit the share button, send it over to them, tell them to take a listen. Because I guarantee you they’re gonna feel better afterwards, you’ll have done a good thing for them, rather than letting them suffer until next time. Don’t forget to slow down and close more.

V/O  07:58

Thank you for listening to The Slow Pitch. Slow Down and Close More.

Rob  08:17

Thanks as always for listening today. If you liked this podcast, please subscribe and leave us a review. We really appreciate it. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at The Slow Pitch. We were mixed today as always by Johnny Polakis. And we were produced by High Gravity Studios. Music credits and other notes are in the show notes section on And we’ll be back with another episode soon.

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