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Gain Control of the Sales Meeting

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Gain Control of the Sales Meeting

The Slow Pitch - Sales Tips For Salespeople & Business Owners

Sales tips and training nuggets to help any salesperson sell less time...and make more money.

The Slow Pitch is a sales podcast for small businesses that teaches the concepts and processes to make you a successful salesperson. We talk about key sales techniques, such as how to listen for key statements, learning how to sell by understanding their personality, and communicating in such a way that the potential buyer discovers your product...and asks for the sale.

Whether you're a new salesperson or an experienced, seasoned sales professional, we believe you'll get something from every episode. We also cater to Small Business owners who must sell their products or services to survive.

We believe this sales podcast will help you develop strong sales techniques that will help you for a long time.

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Topics Covered On The Slow Pitch

Cold Calls

How to Make a Cold Call

What To Do When It Goes Wrong

How to Recover


DiSC Profiles

How Do DiSC Profiles Work?

What To Do With Each

What To Say To Each


Handling Rejections

How To NOT Take It Personal

How To Change The Momentum

What It Really Means


LinkedIn Selling

How To Sell The Right Way

How To Show Up Naturally

What To Never Do On LinkedIn


B2B Selling

How To Sell To Businesses

How To Qualify Quickly

When To Back Away


Difficult People

What To Say When Things Go Bad

How To Approach That Guy

When To Walk Away


Bite Sized

Short, digestible topics in each episode -- Our goal is to keep it under 30 minutes for easier digestion.


Take actionable steps and get positive results after listening. You should get one nugget every esisode.


Every episode is based on experience and having dealt with that problem. Submit your challenges and we'll discuss.

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Gain Control of Your Sales Meeting - The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast - Ep 93

Gain Control of the Sales Meeting

Hear More to Sell More Stop Talking So Much - The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast - ep 92

Hear More (Talk Less), Sell More

In this episode of The Slow Pitch Podcast, we explore a critical yet frequently overlooked element of sales success: the need to talk less and listen more (when you should listen and hear more of what they say to sell more). This episode tackles an important question for every sales professional: Are you talking too much? Using a compelling real-world story involving his friend Frank, Rob demonstrates why mastering the art of listening is crucial for achieving sales excellence.

Trade Show Sales Techniques, The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast, ep91

Trade Show Sales Techniques

One of the fundamental mistakes exhibitors make is passive or overly aggressive engagement. Rob from “The Slow Pitch” observed two extremes at a trade show. One set of exhibitors were disengaged, barely acknowledging visitors, possibly due to exhaustion or disinterest. Some exhibitors adopt an overly aggressive approach. Which is right?

Cold Email Tips - The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast - ep 90

Cold Emails Don’t Work (1 Simple Fix)

In this episode of “The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast,” Rob discusses the commonly misused tactic of cold emailing within the sales industry. This episode is particularly beneficial for sales professionals eager to refine their strategies and achieve higher effectiveness in prospect engagement.

Action Reduces Stress and Anxiety - The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast - ep 89

Action Over Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety can often seem like constant companions. However, the opportunity for significant personal and professional growth is ACTION. In this episode of The Slow Pitch, we dive into the heart of stress and anxiety as a small business owner, offering listeners one simple strategy to transform these stress and anxiety into action.

Best Sales Question thumbnail - ep 88 - The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast

This Is The Best Sales Question To Ask (1 Question)

Discover the best sales question to drive your sales success. In this episode, we discuss the effectiveness of ‘What Happens If…’ and how to use it.

How Do I Cure Procrastination? - The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast - Ep87

How Do I Cure Procrastination – One Easy Tip

In this episode of The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast, we tackle procrastination by revealing actionable steps that will boost your sales performance. We share one simple trick that will transform your approach to dreaded tasks, unlocking new levels of productivity. Listen in as we share this trick and unlock your procrastination roadblock and set you free to success.

Mastering Challenging Questions - The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast - Ep 86

Master Challenging Questions

In sales, the art of mastering challenging questions is not merely a skill but puts you at an advantage that can set you apart. Challenging questions in sales, especially those that probe into the pricing and the value of services, are more than mere requests for information. They are indicative of the client’s skepticism, a test of your credibility, and an opportunity to deepen the client’s understanding and appreciation of your offering.


The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast Hosts

Rob from the sales podcast the slow pitch


While he hasn't been in sales for his entire life, he's learned a lot about what it means to sell. His philosophy is to not sell, to get the prospect to realize they need what he has and ask for the contract. He'd be surprised if you didn't learn at least one tip an episode.

Lane from the Sales podcast The Slow Pitch


Lane works in the website and hosting world and has had the same struggles every new salesperson has when starting out. He may have been frustrated by prospects ghosting him, he knew where to turn when he needed help: The Slow Pitch Podcast.

Do You Have a Sales Question?

Ever run into a sales situation that you didn't know how to handle? Send us an email with your question with as much detail as you can and we'll work it into a future show.