Happy Holidays! + 4 Episodes To Consider

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Happy Holidays! + 4 Episodes To Consider


Happy Holidays!

Just a quick note of thanks to all our listeners. We thank you and we appreciate you. We hope you enjoy the holidays as much as we will and let’s rest up for a new, productive, and record-breaking year!


As mentioned in this episode, if you haven’t started to plan for your next year or want to learn more about how to set goals, here are a couple of episodes you may have missed in the last year.

How To Set Sales Goals For Sales People

Increase Sales Conversion Using the 12-Week Year

The 12-Week Year and Sales – Stay Focused

Attitude vs Taking Action: How Each Affects Sales. The 1, 2 Punch To Get Back on Track.



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The Episode

Rob  0:00

Welcome back everybody to The Slow Pitch and today I am just going to drop this episode to say thank you to all of you who listen who have written in who have given me suggestions, given me topics, I really appreciate it. The time that you spend to do that means a lot to me because it helps me not only get better, but offer the topics and the information that you’re looking for. So I really appreciate it. And I just wanted to say thank you have a happy holiday this season and have a happy, happy New Year. And speaking of New Year, if you haven’t set your goals yet, I’m going to drop a link into the show notes for a couple of episodes that might be worth listening to if you missed them before. All right. Well until next year. Thank you everybody again, and we look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for listening to The Slow Pitch. Slow Down and Close More!

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