Sales podcast ep 53 The Slow Pitch - Successful Sales Team

What Makes A Successful Sales Team? 3 Tips to Nurturing Your Team.

September 13, 2022

In this episode we talk about what makes successful sales teams from the angle of the sales leader. If you’re a sales manager who leads a team of sales people and want to build a successful sales team, this episode is for you. If you are on a sales team, this episode will likely help you understand the inner workings of your sales manager. and how you fit into a successful sales team. You’ll want to understand what makes a successful sales team before you try to understand how you’ll fit into the team…once you do that, you’ll work much better with those on your team.

In this episode we brought in Veronica Romney, Dream Team Architect. She works with businesses that want to integrate all aspects of the business into the sales and marketing messaging. This is important because you can’t scale a business without all aspects of the business working in tandem, your business will stall out in growth. She knows the difficulties of building successful sales teams and shares how she does it for the companies she helps.

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Sales podcast ep 52 The Slow Pitch what makes a great salesperson

What Makes A Great Salesperson? And What Makes a Good Salesperson? (How are they different?)

August 29, 2022

If you think you’re a great salesperson but you show up unprepared, ask these questions, forget to ask the other questions we talk about, and don’t understand the importance of knowing the industry you’re selling into, this episode is for you. Listen as we talk with our guest Alex Oliviera to learn about what makes a good salesperson and what makes a great salesperson.

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Sales podcast ep 51 find your why and purpose in sales The Slow Pitch

Find Your Why Or Your Purpose In Sales

August 19, 2022

In sales, we’ve all heard Simon Sinek’s Find Your Why video on Ted/YouTube, but have you ever found your purpose? In this episode we talk to Matt Boyle about how he found his why in sales. Finding your why in sales is important to your success.

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Sales podcast ep 50 The Slow Pitch podcast when to pursue lead

When To Pursue A Lead and Should You? (2 Ways to Know)

August 9, 2022

In this episode we talk about when to pursue a lead and if it makes sense to actually pursue a lead. Leads can come at you quickly, but knowing when to follow up and pursue it take a bit of skill. This episode came from a conversation Rob had with a salesperson who said he follows up on every lead. This led him to ask the question, “Should you really follow up and pursue every lead?”

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Sales podcast ep 49 about money, the slow pitch

Why Your Perception of Money Matters in Sales and How to Change It

July 19, 2022

Now is the time to change they way you think of money and realize how it’s holding you back!
When you’re in sales, the biggest thing blocking you from success is usually between your ears. You are mentally blocking yourself by obsession about money. If you have a money mental block, this episode should help you figure out what is causing it and help you see ways to think differently.
The easiest way to unlock your mental barrier to selling more or selling at a higher price is by thinking about money a little differently. You’ll need to listen to what is causing you to stop or feel uncomfortable when talking about money. Typically, this is caused by your parents or your upbringing.
You think you see money the right way, but, unless you’re thinking in terms of the buyer, the value you bring, and not limiting yourself to what you think you can make in your career, you might be missing out on how much you can actually make.

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Sales podcast ep 48 technology in sales the slow pitch

Mental Health: 3 Mindfulness Tools & Technology In Sales

July 6, 2022

How To Use Tech To Be More Effective AND Work Less.
Mental Health requires a lot of things. In this episode we talk through some mindfulness tools, how to use technology in sales, and how to reduce the amount of time you spend working. That’s right, work less, be more productive, and spend more time doing what you want. If you’re a small business owner or a sales person who wants to work less hours and be more productive, this episode is for you.

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Sales podcast ep 47 chamber membership, the slow pitch

How To Maximize Your Chamber Membership

June 27, 2022

Ever wonder how to maximize your chamber membership?

If you run a business, you’ve likely thought about joining a chamber…and maybe you did join. Your chamber membership doesn’t create sales nor will it do anything for your business…unless you work it. In this episode we talk about how to maximize your chamber membership by doing very specific activities. When you listen to this episode, place yourself mentally in a room with a bunch of other business owners who also want to maximize their chamber membership. How do you stand out? How do you help people remember you?

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Sales podcast ep 46 Money Mental Block The Slow Pitch

I Have a Money Mental Block – Here’s How To Get Past It

June 8, 2022

We all have mental blocks but for salespeople, a MONEY mental block is very difficult to deal with. Learning how to get past it is something we talk about in this episode. Sales is 100% mental in approach, in processing, and in doing. Why not learn a little about how to get past it?

If you struggle with money during your sales meetings or you are hesitant to charge more because you feel like you’re not worth that much, you’re not alone. A LOT of people feel that way. Sometimes its because they feel like the product or service they’re selling isn’t worth as much as it’s priced (especially when working for another company). Other times, it’s personal…it’s that feeling that you’re not worth as much as you should be charging.

In this episode, we talk about that money mental block and how to get past it.

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Sales podcast ep 45 The Slow Pitch find business leads on linkedin

3 Easy Ways Get Business Leads On LinkedIn (And What Not to Do)

June 1, 2022

In this episode we discuss how to get business leads on LinkedIn and convert them into sales. We have a guest on this show, Dan Gershenson, who specializes in social selling as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer.
If you’re looking for information on how to get business on LinkedIn without the connect and beg for a meeting, this is the episode for you. You’ll find refreshing talk about selling socially in this episode. Learning what to do and what not to do is critical when trying to sell to people online.
Dan approaches LinkedIn different than most and attracts business by posting a lot of information on LinkedIn. He has an approach to dealing with a potential connection, finding the right connections, and deleting those connections who only want to sell to him. No one wants to be sold.

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Sales podcast ep 43 Debrief, Sale, sales, The Slow Pitch

How To Debrief After A Sale (3 Simple Steps)

May 19, 2022

Have you ever finished a sales meeting and wondered, “What went wrong?” Or “What went right?” That’s a debrief. There are a few ways to debrief, but in this episode we talk about how to debrief after a sales meeting. Sales meetings can be long or they can be short, but there is always something to improve and something to repeat. Think of a debrief as a SWOT analysis of every sales meeting.

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