Stop Buyers Remorse Before It Starts - The Slow Pitch Podcast ep 72

Stopping Buyers Remorse Before It Starts (3 Tips)

May 15, 2023

I think that’s a good question. That’s it’s a really what comes down to is buyer’s remorse. And I think it’s really good, Kelly, that you’re thinking of this in terms of not so much how do I stop that from happening? But what can I do earlier in the process? Because I think you’re absolutely right, it is something you do earlier in the process.

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Creative Ways to Stand Out at Tradeshows - The Slow Pitch Sales Podcast ep 71

How To Stand Out From the Crowd at Tradeshows: 5 Creative Ideas

March 28, 2023

In this show we talk about creative ways to stand out from the crowd at tradeshows. Here’s what we’re assuming: Your going to have a table or booth at an upcoming expo or tradeshow. You have a little time… what do you do to prepare? What should you do before, during and after an expo to maximize your time?

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Sales podcast ep 70 Stay In Control In A Sales Call - The Slow Pitch

How To Stay In Control In A Sales Call (Law of the Rubber Band)

March 14, 2023

In this episode we talk about who is in control, how to know when you’re not in control, and how to stay in control in a sales call. This is an interesting episode in that you may think you stay in control during a sales call, but are you really? Let’s find out.

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Sales podcast ep 67 Power of Silence in Sales - The Slow Pitch

Power of Silence in Sales

February 28, 2023

Have you realized the power of silence in sales? You should. If used correctly, you’ll increase your odds in closing any deal. It’s more powerful than you think and here’s how to use it.

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Sales podcast ep 68 Sales Tips - Selling Like a Spy

Selling Like a Spy – What We Learned From An Ex-Corporate Spy

February 21, 2023

Selling like a spy is one of the most powerful ways to think about sales. What does it mean to sell like a spy? You might be a little surprised how close spies are to salespeople. Listen in as we interview ex corporate spy Jeremy Hurewitz.

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Sales podcast ep 67 Sales Tips - Tracking Numbers for Success

5 Tips for Salespeople (pt5) – Tracking Numbers for Success

February 15, 2023

Whether you like it or not, you need to start tracking your numbers. Most people know it inherently, but do not like to do it. If you’re going to be successful in sales, you must start tracking your numbers.

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Sales podcast ep 66 the slow pitch pain questions

5 Tips For Salespeople (pt 4) Pain Questions

February 13, 2023

To close more sales, you must ask better pain questions. But the question is, how do you ask better pain questions in sales? Since we’ve already covered you must go for the no, it’s time to get into asking better pain questions to get more sales.

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Sales podcast ep 65 Go For the No in Sales - The Slow Pitch

5 Tips For Salespeople (pt 3) – Go For The NO!

February 10, 2023

Believe it or not, you should constantly go for the no from potential clients. You can work to go for the no by doing certain things during the sales process, starting with the initial engagement. If you are not doing this, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice and may be decreasing your odds to close the deal.

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Sales podcast ep 64 Sales Tips Personalities - The Slow Pitch

5 tips for salespeople (pt 2) Using DiSC Personalities to Close More Sales

February 8, 2023

This is Part 2 of the Top 5 Tips For Salespeople is about using DiSC and DiSC personalities to improve your odds of closing a sale. DiSC profiles are one of the more powerful tools salespeople have at their disposal. One of our tips for salespeople is to learn as much as you can about DiSC.

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5 tips for salespeople Pain the slow pitch podcast ep 63

5 Sales Tips For Salespeople (pt 1) That Will Improve Your Closing Rate: Pain

February 6, 2023

These 5 tips for salespeople will improve your odds to close a sale. This episode is the first in a five part series where we talk about the 5 tips for salespeople. The first tip is about pain. Pain is one of the most overused yet least understood part of a salesperson’s job. Most salespeople think they understand what pain is while selling but many also do not actually get pain.

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