5 tips for salespeople (pt 2) Using DiSC Personalities to Close More Sales

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5 tips for salespeople (pt 2) Using DiSC Personalities to Close More Sales


Using DiSC Personalities In Sales

Part 2 of the Top 5 Tips For Salespeople is about using DiSC and DiSC personalities to improve your odds of closing a sale. DiSC profiles are one of the more powerful tools salespeople have at their disposal. One of our tips for salespeople is to learn as much as you can about DiSC, how each one behaves, what drives them to behave that way, and feeling comfortable in your own personality.

We recommend that you learn what your personality is first before you do do anything. One of the tips we share in this episode is knowing what you are first and then learning how you interact with other personalities.

Once you understand your own personality, you can learn how to speak to the others. This is why these tips for salespeople is listed as the second tip. We feel that Pain is the most important and knowing you you and others interact with each other is the second most important thing you should know before interacting with a potential buyer.

Salespeople should know this before engaging, test their theory, and then confirm it before moving too quickly into getting deep into pain. We suggest this because certain personalities will be more open than others to share and learning how to get them to open is your priority.


Show Outline: 

0:08  Introduction to today’s episode.
0:48  Understanding your own personality.
2:11   What is a dominant personality?
3:51   The I-style personality.
5:48   How to build trust with your client?
7:05   How to deal with S personalities?
8:29   Podcast Close

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The Episode

Rob   0:08
Welcome back to The Slow Pitch everybody. Today we started part two of the top five tips for salespeople. Again, this can be for beginners, intermediate doesn’t matter. These are things that you want to keep in mind as you sell. Let’s get started. You’re listening to The Slow Pitch Podcast, a podcast about selling less and closing more. All right, last episode, we talked about the goal of getting pain. This one, we’re going to talk about building rapport, by learning the personality types.

Now, you’ve heard us talk about the personality types before and other episodes. And if you haven’t, we’re going to link to those. And we’re going to get into some of those a little bit in this episode, too, but not very far. So I want you to understand, there’s a couple things when you’re dealing with personalities, the first step is understanding what your own personality is, if you think you know what your personality is great, verify it, because I want to make sure that your understanding of what your personality is is accurate, it’ll become very important to understand how you’re approaching other personalities and how that’s going to come across.

That’s why this episode is very important for you to understand, knowing your own personality is a priority. So the first step is, is going to find that out. And I’m gonna put a link in the show notes. For crystal knows, it’s a simple, easy website that you can use. The cool part is is they will tell you personalities and other people based on like, you go to their LinkedIn profile, and it’ll tell you what their personality type is on the DISC profile. But it will also tell you yours if you take their little quiz. And to me, it’s a very like, listen, it’s a simple version of what’s out there. But if you’re looking for a free one, that’s an easy one to get done. By free. I mean, you probably have to supply your email address, okay, I get nothing out of this. So don’t don’t think there’s a personal gain on my end. But once you know your personality, now you have the ability to start to look at other personalities and say, Okay, how does that impact me, and how do I impact them, this becomes important in your dynamic and how you’re going to build a rapport or build relationship with your potential buyer.

So let’s talk quickly about the different types. Number one is the D or the typically we go through the disc, it’s the deep personality, D stands for dominant or a dominant personality, what that basically means is they have a style that’s very decisive, tough, they’re like, they’re really direct they they are, they’re, they’re the kind of people that just kind of bulldoze through, if you will, like if you’ve ever been in a meeting, and they’re the ones that I say bold, or they say this nicely, for severe D listening, just listen here. They’re the kinds that that what they tried to do is take over the conversation. And they don’t mean to be a bulldog or bullying other people. But it comes from a place of fear for being out of control. And because of that, they feel like they have to stay in control. And you have to speak to them in a form that makes them feel like they’re in control.

If you’re a high D and you meet a high D, that could be a problem. Because if you’re both trying to take over control of the conversation, that’s not going to work. So what you have to understand is, is if you’re in sales, and you’re high D speaking too high D, you are going to have to whether you like it or not relinquish a little bit of control or make them feel like they’re in more control than you are even though technically you still remain in control of where the direction of the conversation goes. So that could look very similar to somebody, you know, coming in and say, Well, what can do for me, and as a D coming back to that person saying,

Well, I don’t know what I can do for you, let’s talk like, that’s as simple as that. Right? If you’re not a D, they can rub you the wrong way. So if you’re high C or high s, your issue could become their feel like they’re just bullying you. And that’s not the case, that’s just their style, you have to speak to them in their style. And the next personality type is the eye style personality. The eye style is an influencer style, and they’re very sociable, they’re a talkative, they’re, they’re very energetic. They’re, they’re more driven by emotions. They’re people, people. So the Ds are tasks, people, the eyes are people people, right? So you’ve got to kind of talk to them in such a way that makes them feel comfortable.

You want to smile more, you want to focus on positive things, you can let them talk a little bit, there’s a lot of things that you’ve got to do to make them feel like you’re engaged with them. And they’ll feel it before you even realize they feel it. You got to be sociable. You know, they might be the ones that touch you on the arm and just, you know, pat you on the back kind of thing or, or what have you just they’re very warm and friendly people. They’re really nice people.

And if you’re not an I, and you’re a C and they touch your arm that’s going to feel very odd to you. So that’s why becomes very, very important for you to understand what your type is, and what their type is. And when you understand both of those you understand what’s happening when they touch your arm. They mean nothing by it. All they mean is

Rob   5:00
They’re connecting with you. They’re following. They’re listening. They’re, they’re, they’re emotionally engaged with your conversation. And so as I see, it may feel uncomfortable. But at some point, you may have to reach out and just tap their shoulder to make them understand you get it, you understand? Yeah, I hear you, I feel that way too. That’s the kind of stuff that you’re gonna have to do back to them, right.

The next style is the S style. And this, and the S personality is more of the study style. And they’re the kind that basically the best best way to describe it, you know, steadiness is one of those things, that you just know, somebody, they just keep moving along, moving forward. They’re, they’re never flash in the pan. They’re just constant and consistent. They are also people people, and but they tend to be more modest, they’re a little indecisive, and they’re going to frustrate a lot of salespeople, but they’re very trustworthy.

So once you start working with them, they’re probably not going to let you go. Because they don’t want to go through the process of trying to find somebody else again. So when you’re dealing with them, you just have to be patient, you’re going to build some trust over time, you’re going to ask for a lot of opinions, you’re going to do some things that make them feel like you get them and make them understand that you you have all the confidence in the world and what they’re asking and saying and, and that you’re along the way, obviously, you’re gonna have to just kind of keep asking where the next steps are, what you’re doing next, what’s happening next.

Because if you don’t have that you won’t understand what they’re doing and where they’re headed. If they say to you, well, you know, I have no idea, then they may not buy, and you may say, I’m not sure this is a good, good fit for us good fit for you. It sounds like it’s not a good fit for you. Because you’re telling me this is not doesn’t sound like we’re gonna move be moving a step forward. And that’s okay. And they’re gonna say, Well, you know, I gotta talk to my team. And I’m gonna have to ask him some questions and see what they think and, and then that might be the time for you to bring that other individual are their team in and say, Yeah, that’s a great idea. What if you think, would you would you be you, I’ve got a few minutes, let’s have them come in and ask him some questions and see what happens. And you know, doesn’t matter if we do anything after that, maybe we end up with nothing, maybe we do end up or something.

But if you’re a D personality, and you’re talking to an S, you’re gonna get frustrated, and you’re gonna be I don’t want to deal with these people anymore. And that’s okay, the SS feel the same way about how you, you have to understand that you’re going to be the one that justing to their style. So if you’re a D, you’re gonna have to figure out how do I talk to an S personality style, like they want to be spoken to.

The last one is a C personality, we’ve talked about them before, as well. And I’ll let you review that if you want to get into more detail. But they’re going to be the kind of people that are very precise, they’re analytical, they’re, they’re more logical, they’re task oriented, like the D people, they’re a little more cold, you’re not going to be able to get to know them as easily as, as you would the eye, let’s say, or the essence, you’re gonna have to kind of stick to facts, figures, data, all that kind of stuff. So if you’re an AI person, you’re, you’re very, I wouldn’t say very emotional, but you’re more of an emotionally driven kind of individual.

And you encounter a C individual, the see individual is going to frustrate you a little bit because you’re going to be like, as an eye you’re gonna be like, I just feels right, this is the way we’re going to do it. And this is gonna be like, show me some data, show me some stats, show me the statistics that tells me that and support that because my data says, and it’s gonna be all data driven. It’s gonna be informational and logical driven, that’s gonna frustrate you, which is why this is part two of the five part series, because you have to understand those personality types to be successful in sales. Until next time, slow down, and close more.

V/O  8:59

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Rob   9:22
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